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Bridging Cs


Community, Connectedness, and Collaborative Partnerships to Help Clients with Severe Mental Illness Live Healthier Lifestyles Together

The University of Northern British Columbia, Activity Centre for Empowerment and various community organizations in Prince George are striving to help members of our community who suffer from severe mental illness, to achieve and maintain healthier lifestyles. Through community, connectedness and collaboration, we are empowering our community members with mental illnesses to decrease their risks of cardio-metabolic disorders. The focus of the three-year project ending March 2016 was:

1. How do we help clients who experience mental illness to achieve and maintain healthier lifestyles, decreasing their risks of cardio-metabolic disorders, through community, connectedness, and collaboration?

2. How can we use the research that results from this project to provide new information on effective methods to overcome barriers, such as stigma, to improve health behaviors?

In collaboration with members of A.C.E, our research team identified two initiatives (physical activity and nutrition) to be undertaken at various times for the duration of the research project. For more information regarding the program, please contact Nansi Long, Centre Coordinator for A.C.E. at phone (250) 564-3396 or For more information regarding research associated with this project, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Candida Graham, at phone (250) 960-6511 or

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