The BC Schizophrenia Society Prince George Branch joins in celebrating local, national and world-wide events and education opportunities to promote positive attitudes and continued outreach in B.C.'s northern interior.

Kids/Teens in Control Education & Support Program

Activity Centre for Empowerment 15h Anniversary Open Apr 24, 2019


KIDS IN CONTROL! is a free education and support program for children who have a family member with a mental illness..The BCSS Prince George Branch and FAMILIES sponsor this program throughout the year depending on interest. Kids in Control Poster...

Nansi Long -
Michelle Ellerton -

Year-Round Mental Health & Addiction 101 Series

Online Tutorials at the CAMH represented by a sign that says "hope".


Online Tutorials: Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, These tutorials are a starting point for learning about substance use and mental health problems, as well as about factors that are critical to understanding those problems. CAMH Tutorials...

Purple Day May 24

Wear purple Day May 24th annually for caring, coping and treating schizophrenia early.

Wear Purple in honour of Schizophrenia Awareness Day Schizophrenia Societies across Canada have come together in a collaborative venture to raise awareness for schizophrenia and psychosis on May 24th.

Every year on this day we want to paint the country purple! We ask that you wear purple to show unity in bringing awareness to schizophrenia, and to show support  for those affected by the illness.

We're reaching out to ask for your help to support our education programs and services provided at no cost to those with mental illnesses and addiction and their families. Donate BCSSPG...



Sep 10 World Suicide Prevention Day

Advocate for a world without suickide; become an advocate. Sept 10 is world suicide prevention day


Suicide Prevention: One World Connected is the theme of the annual event sponsored by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO), They are committed to preventing suicide and the BC Schizophrenia Society Prince George Branch supports this important goal by helping to raise awareness. These organizations work together to recognize World Suicide Prevention Day as an important day in the international calendar. World Suicide Prevention Day brings together individuals and organizations with an interest in suicide prevention, and mobilizes efforts to save lives. You can get involved by volunteering with BCSSPG today. Call 250.564.3396. IASP for more information